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Welcome! A bit about me...


Over the years, I have realized my Ikigai is in problem solving, investing, sharing my learnings and motivating others as a way to create a broader impact in the world. I love talking to entrepreneurs and staying close to them as I believe their enthusiasm, boundless energy and creativity is a critical force in building the future we need. I am happy to talk to anyone who wants to learn about getting started with investing or entrepreneurship and to share some of my learnings from the last 10 years.


I am an active investor in technology startups in India and US since 2013. As a co-founder of Konglo Ventures, an angel network with 50+ global investors, I have syndicated 7m$+ in to 20+ portfolio investments and have secured 4 successful exits. I have led due diligence for ~100 companies in last 7 years and developed the operating model for startup investments including deal origination and execution. 

To take the next step in my venture investment journey, in January 2023, I launched a $4m venture capital fund together with my partner Anas Rahman Junaid called Callapina Capital Fund I.

In 2018, I started investing in the real estate market in Philadelphia to build a portfolio of 6 positive cash flowing properties using the BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance) strategy. I currently reside in Philadelphia with my wife Anu Paul and daughters Isabelle and Gabrielle.

What I do


View my portfolio of technology startups in India, US and Europe

Real Estate

View my portfolio of residential real estate in Philadelphia


View my portfolio of funds in Europe and India

At work, I help business leaders and entrepreneurs to think through their growth strategy and vision. I have 12y+ experience in international management consulting and technology in India, Europe, Africa and Middle East; working with private equity funds, corporates, sovereign wealth funds and family offices, largely in natural resources (mining & metals, water) and industrial goods sectors. From 2012-19, I was part of the Singular Group, an international boutique consulting firm based in Switzerland.  


In 2020, I joined Amane Advisors, a niche consulting and advisory firm focused on the global water sector where I help major players in the water sector with their growth strategy as well as provide support on acquisitions. My expertise includes conducting asset due diligence (buy side and sell side), market studies, feasibility studies, business case, growth strategy, commercial excellence and go-to-market strategy.

​I hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India and MBA from European Business School, Germany. I started my career with Accenture and subsequently worked with SDI Management Consulting, Germany as well as 21Diamonds, a technology startup in Munich funded by Rocket Internet.

Find more about Konglo Ventures in CrunchbaseTracxnPitchbook and Angellist.

What I believe in

What I like to read

- Books about investment philosophy, principles and approach based on learnings from successful investors

- Autobiographies and biographies of successful entrepreneurs and investors

- Books that explain how humanity, society and economies have evolved from a historical perspective

- Books that give insights on how humans think and take decisions

Check out some of the books that I have read that you may want to add to your reading list

Interviews I have given

Interview with Technopolis Magazine

For more interviews, check out the Media page 

Interview with Amane Advisors, leading strategy consulting and advisory firm focused on the global water sector

Book time with me if you wish to talk

If you are interested to speak to me about consulting, investing or starting a company drop me a line at

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